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Fitness and Strength Sports

To be able to use the fitness and strength sports facilities of the ACLO, you have to buy a Fitness Card for €65,- next to your ACLO Card. The ACLO offers two different locations with different possibilities:

  • ACLO Sportcentrum (Zernike): Fitness
    Fitness is a combination of cardio and training with weights, usually with the use of machines. The Sports Centre has a fitness area where you can train almost the whole year. The area is 500m2 and there are a lot of options to practice cardio and weighttraining.
  • ACLO Power Station: Strength Sports
    If you are looking for training with free weights, you are at the right address at Power Station. It is designed for the purposes of the strength athlete: free weights, platforms and squatracks. There are no cardio-machines in the actual gym. However, you can use the free Cardioplaza in the room, at ACLO station.

To be allowed to use the fitness and strength sports facilities of the ACLO, you have to have a ‘Fitness and/or a Power aantekening’. With a Fitness aantekening, you can only sport at the location of ACLO Sportcentrum. With a Power aantekening, you can sport both at the ACLO Sportcentrum and in ACLO Power Station. Make sure to take your sportclothes and a towel to the Fitness intro!

For more information about the different locations and the procedures concerning obtaining the ‘aantekeningen’, click on Fitness (ACLO Sportcentrum) or Strength Sports (ACLO Power Station) in the menu on the left.

Attention! You can only purchase you Fitness Card at the balie of the Sport Centre.

Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.



Athleteshop and ACLO have closed a cooperation deal. The online sportshop is our Official Supplier for all our sporting material!