• Nominees for Team of the year 2018-2019

Nominees for Team of the year 2018-2019

Nominees for Team of the year 2018-2019

The Knickerbockers Ladies 1

Season 18/19 will not soon be forgotten by many ladies of The Knickerbockers. The first matches were won with full conviction in the first class North. The goal of the year was therefore to at least win the after-competition and to promote to the Dutch big league. This went very well above all, in the first half of the competition few points were wasted and the Ladies 1 of the The Knickerbockers were dominating the competition. Who knows, this might be a championship… In addition to the fact that the team of Jans Bos participated well in the competition, there was also a chance to win the coveted KNVB district cup. The cup competitions were not won without a struggle. Even with a 0-3 deficit, the ladies of Jans Bos as a team managed to win and convert it to 5-3. Like many competitions, this victory was well celebrated in the Appleknockers Flophouse. In addition to the fact that the girls performed well in the first and second half, the well-known third half certainly was not inferior. The cup final had to be played on 1 June and after some defeats in the competition, the ladies of Jans were a bit nervous. In the end, this was not necessary because this match was convincingly won 4-0, a shout-out to all supporters who were traveling along!

Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as it went in the cup. The pressure became a little too high and points were wasted, unfortunately no more championship. Fortunately, the team picked up again and won all matches in the after competition, which means promotion to the Dutch big league! To emphasize just how high this is; only the Top class is in between the Dutch big league and the Eredivisie.

All in all we look back on a super football season with a lot of fun and many goals, counting 62, converted to 2.8 goals per game.

Aegir Dames Development 4-

The ladies development four-without-mate is a team of second-year rowers. In 2018 they became second in their first-year rankings, but in 2019 four of these ladies managed to win the development rankings. Only the first game they became fifth, but all other games in their rankings they became first! With this, they left the competition far behind and won. They also sailed an Aegir record.

All the ladies have continued rowing for a promising third year.

Drs. Vijfje Ladies 1

The year in which it became known that the European Championship indoor football is coming to the Netherlands and is even being organized in Groningen, is the year that the ladies of Drs. Vijfje makes indoor football popular among students. After a long season, the play-offs were won for the national title, in which the vice-national championship was enforced. This did not end the fun for these ladies, because the national cup was also taken home. An achievement of unprecedented class that was rewarded by the other teams and coaches from the Eredivisie, with the title of best player and coach of the Eredivisie for resp. Vesna Veltrop and Teuny Bosma.

In addition to these great extras, 3 ladies are also rewarded with a place in the national team where coach Teuny is an assistant. In addition, our own Myrthe Brugman has been given a place in the national team for the deaf and hard of hearing with which the semi-final of the World Cup in Switzerland has been achieved. This year the ladies continue with the play-offs in sight and a 3rd place at the Diamond Tournament and also a 3rd place at the Open Frisian Championship.

All these wonderful collective and individual achievements have led to the nomination of Drs. Fiver Women 1 as the team of the year.


Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

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