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Decision on the refund policy of the ACLO/Sports center 2019-2020

Dear athletes,

First of all, we hope that you are all in good health. Last months have been a hectic period for everyone. Unfortunately, the coronavirus had a very negative effect on our regular sports schedule. The measures of the Dutch government, concerning the coronavirus, did not permit any physical sport related activities from the middle of March until the end of May. Therefore, the ACLO Sports center closed its doors and switched to online workshops from the 13th of March 2020 until the 18th of May 2020. Additionally, we have helped several indoor sports association to facilitate outside activities.

The fitness has reopened on the 1st of July 2020. Due to the hard work of the employees of the Sports center, the ACLO and boards of sport associations we can, luckily, practice almost all the sports again at the ACLO Sports center. In addition, all the athletes have had a positive impact on the successful reopening of the ACLO Sports center.

During the period that the sports facilities were closed, the ACLO had initially communicated that no refunds would be provided for the ACLO Cards that had been purchased before the closure of the ACLO Sports center. Now that the Sports center is reopening again, the ACLO and the Sports center have been consulting whether refund specific groups of ACLO Card holders, where possible.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that the ACLO has decided to offer the possibility to refund the ACLO Second Semester Card holders, ACLO Prolong Card holders and the ACLO Second Semester Fitness Card holders for the season 2019-2020. They have suffered disproportionate due to the timing of the closure of the ACLO Sports center, since they have only been able to use the ACLO facilities for a very short time.

These ACLO Card holders can request a refund for the period in which the ACLO was unable to offer any form of physical sports. This means that the following cardholders can request the following amount of refund:

  • Low fare ACLO Second Semester Card: €15.48
  • High fare ACLO Second Semester Card: €30.97
  • Low fare ACLO Prolong Card: €7.75
  • High fare ACLO Prolong Card: €15.49
  • ACLO Second Semester Fitness Card: €20.66

There are no refund options for the regular ACLO Card holders, since they were able to use the facilities of the ACLO for the bigger part of the academic year. The low price of the ACLO Card, in combination with the broad online workshop offerings, have made us decide to not offer a refund to these athletes.

Refunds can be requested by filling in this form. The deadline for the refund request is the 1st of October at 12:00. The refund can be expected to be transferred at the end of October.

We hope to have sufficiently informed you. Additionally, we are looking forward to a sportive academic year and hope to see you soon at the ACLO Sports center!

Kind regards,

The 75th executive board of the ACLO and the Board of the Sports center

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