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Final refund academic year 2020-2021

Dear sporters,


In October, every ACLO athlete had the opportunity to apply for refunds for the 2020-2021 academic year. The past month we have been busy processing these requests. 

In previous communications, the ACLO has indicated that there is a maximum amount set aside for refunds. For this we looked at the amount of money the ACLO can afford to lose. In the situation that the number of applications would be so high that the reserved amount would be exceeded, the refund amounts would be scaled down proportionally.  

Now that the deadline has passed and all applications have been processed, it appears that the number of approved refund applications has been higher than predicted. This has an impact on the refund amount per person. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a pitcher out of it, but a delicious craft beer is definitely possible!

It is important to mention that fitness subscriptions are not refunded by the ACLO. This is the responsibility of the Sports Center. The maximum amount reserved for the fitness cards has not been exceeded and therefore the amounts remain the same.

Below is a summary of the adjusted amounts.

Type of ACLO Card Refund amount 
ACLO Card Regular €4,26
ACLO Card High Rate €9,59
ACLO Fitness Card €32,67
ACLO Fitness Card 1st Semester Card €7,74
ACLO Fitness Card 2nd Semester Card €32,08
ACLO Prolonged Card €32,08
ACLO 1st Semester Card Regular  €5,91
ACLO 1st Semester Card High Rate €11,82
ACLO 2nd Semester Card Regular €2,34
ACLO 2nd Semester Card High Rate €4,68
ACLO Prolonged Card Regular €1,17
ACLO Prolonged Card High Rate €2,34

This week the refund will be processed. It may then take a few days for the amount to appear in your account. If the requested amount on your account is incorrect or missing, it means that the information filled in during the application was not correct. For questions, remarks or objections on the refund you can contact us via the mail address The deadline is the 1st of December, after which we will no longer take into consideration any objections.


Kind regards,

The 76th Executive Board of the ACLO & Management Sports Center

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