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Meet “De Brug Regio Stad Groningen”

Meet “De Brug Regio Stad Groningen”; an organization that offers various activities to people with mental disabilities.



We are “De Brug Regio Stad Groningen”. We are an organization that has been offering various activities for people with mental disabilities for almost 50 years now. At the end of the sixties, Joop Sinnige started offering exercise activities. This was emulated in the province of Groningen. Finally in 1975 “De Brug Provincie Groningen” with 9 provincial departments was founded and we were at the foundation of the Disabled Sports Federation Netherlands.  We have a clubhouse “Sinnige Stee” which is located at the Donderslaan 160 in Groningen. In the early nineties, due to a shortage of space in the municipal sports halls, we built a sports hall where people with mental disabilities could exercise. In 2000, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Brug, the Special Olympics European Games were organized in Groningen. A total of more than 2,000 athletes from Europe and Euro-Asia took part.

Anyone with a mental disability can become a member of De Brug Stad Groningen. Not only members with a visible mental disability are members of De Brug Regio Stad Groningen, but also people with an invisible mental disability are welcome. Besides our weekly activities we also participate in regional, national and international Special Olympics events.

Every week we organize the following activities:


15:00-20:00 hours of recreational swimming in the Parrel pool

Tuesday 18:30-19:15 hours of competitive swimming in the Parrel pool

Tuesday 19:30-21:00 p.m. table tennis in sports hall the Brug on the Donderslaan 161 in Groningen (1 time per 2 weeks)
Wednesday 19:30-21:30 hrs ballroom dancing in the “Sinnige Stee” at Donderslaan 160 in Groningen
Thursday 19:00-20:30 soccer in sporthal de Brug on the Donderslaan 161 in Groningen
Thursday 19:00-20:30 hr indoor soccer in sporthal de Brug on the Donderslaan 161 in Groningen
Thursday 18:30-20:00 bowling in Bowling Centre at Gedempte Kattendiep 1, Groningen (once every 2 weeks)
Saturday Hiking at various locations in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Choice of 5, 10 and 15 kilometers (once every 2 weeks)
Saturday 14:00-16:00 p.m. Shuffleboard competition in the Sinnige Stee at Donderslaan 160 in Groningen (September through April)

* In the period February, March and April “Play Back” Shows are organized in the Sinnige Stee at Donderslaan 160 in Groningen.


The board of De Brug Regio Stad Groningen consists of 6 people.

We are expressly looking for support for the activities: competitive swimmers, indoor footballers and guidance for walking. We are also looking for people who want to support the management of the Sinnige Stee. If you want to gain some administrative experience, we are also looking for a skilled treasurer. For a few, the time investment can be very taxing, but if you can form a group of people who want to assist us in guiding the above activities, then it might be a better fit. The more, the merrier. What do you get in return? A big smile from our participants and practical tips in dealing with people with intellectual disabilities. A VOG (certificate of good conduct) is required from each volunteer. The association can apply for this free of charge for the volunteer.  You also have a chance to go along to Special Olympics events as a supervisor/coach!

If the above sounds like something you would like to do, send an e-mail to the chairman of “De Brug Regio Stad Groningen”:

You can also take a look at the website.

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