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Results GNSK 2017!

The GSNK (Large Dutch Student Championships) took place in the weekend of 9th, 10th and 11th of June! This year it was in Eindhoven. Groningen became 3rd with 2981 points. Eindhoven became 2nd with 3344 points and Nijmegen is the winner with 3630!

See the achievements of all the individueel sports below:

Badminton –> 3rd place;
Basketball Ladies –> 1st place;
Basketball Man –> 4th place;
eSports League of Legends –> 3rd place;
eSports Mario Sm4sh –> 2nd place;
Handball Ladies –> 4th place;
Judo –> 2nd place;
Fencing (Degen) –> 6th place;
Fencing (Floret) –>3rd place;
Squash –> 2nd place;
Tennis –> 5th place;
Volleyball Ladies –> 2nd place;
Volleyball Man–> 1st place;
Water polo Ladies –> 3rd place;
Water polo Man –> 5th place;
Cycling  Ladies –> 5th place;
Cycling Man –> 6th place;
Futsal Man –> 5th place;

We want to thank all the teams for the amazing weekend!

Healthy Ageing

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