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Sport of the Week YOU.FO

New at the ACLO! The Sport of the Week. Every week one sport is selected to be the Sport of the Week. During this week more information, movies and interesting facts are posted here. This week the Sport of the Week is:


YOU.FO is the newest sport and winner of the National Sport Innovation Price. Though the basics are learned quickly, the sport is difficult to master. This fact creates a sport that you can play fully from the beginning and can play for a long time before fully mastering the skill.

What is YOU.FO

YOU.FO is an innovative sports game based on throwing an aerodynamic ring with a specially designed sword like stick over distances of 10-30 meters. Created in the Netherlands YOU.FO is a combination between Lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee. Using a specially designed YOU.FO stick you can throw a Frisbee over a longer distance which creates a fast intense field game. The goal is to pass the Frisbee into the scoring area, when caught by a fellow team member in the scoring area you receive a point.

You can try YOU.FO during the KISS-Light event on the 17th of December at the ACLO!  You can enroll by writing you name on the enrollment lists. You can find these in the hall of the Sports Centre.

Watch the movie for an impression of YOU.FO!

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