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Sport of this week – Rapidball

You can play rapidball at the ACLO in a course or reserve a free court yourself. Rapidball looks a lot like squash and it is also played on a squash court, but it is different. You play with an official Racquet-Ball ball and small/wide racket (compared to a squashracket). The rules are straighforward and easy to learn. It has the added possibility of hitting the ball after it returns from the back wall and no net, therefore long rallies are easily achieved.
The ACLO offers a five week course in which you will learn the basic techniques and strategies.


Curious? Watch the video and reserve a court!

Private: Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

Energie vergelijken

Energie vergelijken

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