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Squash: sport of the week!

Sport of the week: squash!

Squadraat is the largest and best student squash association in the Netherlands! We are an accessible association where everyone is welcome.

Squadraat offers different training levels for experienced people to real beginners. So it doesn’t matter what your background is with the sport, because there is something for everyone.

Training and tosses take place throughout the year. These take place at the squash courts of the sports center. During our toss hours, Squadraat has the courts at its disposal and members can play freely against other members. Fanatic pots are played, but in addition there is a lot of fun! A workout takes place once a week, but if you can’t get enough of it, there is also the option to train extra.

At Squadraat you also get the chance to play in the Euregio competition. You then play in a team of your own level against other teams throughout the Northern Netherlands.

Do you not want to immediately participate in this competition but still play matches? During the year, our ToCo organizes tournaments within the association several times!

Are you looking for fun in addition to sports? Then Squadraat is the perfect association for you! After a toss or training we can often still be found in the Sports bar. Once a month our drinks take place in our favorite pub, Café de Doos. There are also many other activities, such as the legendary Squadraat weekend, a pub quiz and a gala.

In corona time we do not stand still, we organize online activities. This year, for example, an Among Us evening and an online battleship bingo took place! The nice thing about these activities is that there is not necessarily an end time and you have a drink afterwards.

Becoming active at Squadraat is very easy! We have several committees responsible for our activities that of course must be filled with members!

Have you become curious? Or do you want to train along? Please feel free to contact our secretary via

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