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Student Soccer Tournament

In collaboration with the soccer club FC Groningen and the ACLO GSAVV Forward will organize the second edition of the student soccer tournament. This tournament created to support the charity organization Kids United allows students from all over the country to compete during the tournament. The teams will go head to head in a match of 7 vs. 7 players.

Registration for this tournament is possible for all soccer teams consisting of boards, committees, classmates, friends and so on! Everybody is welcome to participate in the tournament! The costs for participating in the tournament is 50 euro per team and for each team a part of the subscription fee will go to Kids United. This price includes 2 Jugs of beer you get for free!

After the tournament a party will take place at the Clubhouse of Forward and we will fire up the grill. During the day you will have the opportunity to apply for this. (10 euros pp.) All teams will be competing to support the charity programme Kids United. So gather up a minimum of 7 players and have a great time in the student soccer tournament while supporting the charity organisation Kids United!

You can enroll you team on the website

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