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Update(2) COVID-19 & ACLO Sports center

Version 22/10/20

Dear athletes,

During the press conference on the 13th of October 2020, the government has announced new measures to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections. The measures, specifically for the sport world, are there to reduce group formation, the number of travel movements and to minimize social contacts. These measures also influence the sports offer of the ACLO.

For all the sports activities the following guidelines apply from the 14th of October 22.00 and for at least the next 4 weeks:

  • Keeping 1.5 meters distance apart when doing sports is mandatory;
  • The sports canteens, changing rooms and showers are closed;
  • Matches and competitions are not allowed;
  • Reservations for the sports activities remain mandatory due to the maximum capacity of the accommodation;
  • There is no audience allowed during the sports activities;
  • Only arrive shortly before the start of the sports activity and leave immediately afterwards.

Group lessons

Within the above explained framework, the group lessons can take place in the same way as prior to the newly announced measures. The previous guidelines remain in effect: reservation is mandatory, equipment is cleaned after use, and the lessons end 10 minutes earlier for cleaning purposes. Please pay extra attention to the 1.5 meters distance during the preparation of the lessons as well as during the tidying at the end of the lessons.


Only the courses that can take place within the above explained framework will be given in course period 1b. Participants of the courses, that cannot proceed due to the amended guidelines, will be notified by email.

The courses that can take place are:

  • Bungee Super Fly
  • Fitness
  • Powerlifting
  • Swim Freestyle
  • Table tennis
  • Yoga
  • Wall climbing
  • Survival run
  • Stretching
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Workout
  • Ballet beginner
  • PTMDance beginner
  • Ballet advanced
  • PTMDance advanced
  • Tapdance

Is your course not listed above, but you did not receive an email? For now, you can assume that the course will take place.

Open hours

Only the following open hours are open for reservations, when adhering to the 1.5 meter distance rule:

  • Gymnastics: spotting is not possible;
  • Swimming: changing rooms are available to quickly change at 1.5 meter distance, it is not possible to use the showers.

Free reservation

It is only possible to reserve courts and fields for the individual sports where the 1.5 meter distance can be maintained. Free reservations will remain possible for the following sports:

  • Tennis (4 persons are allowed if 1.5 meter distance is kept)
  • Badminton (4 persons are allowed if 1.5 meter distance is kept)
  • Padel (4 persons are allowed if 1.5 meter distance is kept)
  • Table tennis (max. 2 persons)
  • Pole dancing (max. 4 persons per hall)


The fitness facilities at the Sports center and the Power Station will remain open, the protocol for these facilities have not changed.

Swimming pool

The open hours for the swimming pool will remain available. Athletes must keep 1.5 meter distance both inside and outside the water. The changing rooms will be open to quickly change clothes at 1.5 meter distance, it is not possible to use the showers.

Competitions and matches

Competitions and matches are not allowed. The government has decided to forbid competitions due to the fact that they lead to many extra travel movements and social contacts.

Association hours (practices) at the ACLO Sports center & WAS

All the practices organized by associations are provisionally canceled, this holds for both indoor and outdoor sports. This is due to the fact that the frameworks for these hours are not clear enough defined at this moment. We do aspire to utilize these hours on a short term for the associations or for other sport related activities. This will be done in consultation with the associations.

Association hours (practices) outside the ACLO Sports center

We have advised the sports associations, that do not use the sports facilities of the Sports center, to discuss the continuation of these hours in consultation with the owner of the accommodation. Of course, the same corona guidelines apply during these hours. Please contact the board of the relevant student sports associations for more information.


For specific questions in response to this message, please contact

Please keep an eye on the ACLO website for further updates, the protocols will be updated as soon as possible. Furthermore, we friendly, but firmly ask all the athletes to behave responsibly and to strictly follow the enhanced guidelines. Only this way, we can make sure that everyone can quickly enjoy the complete sports offer again.


Kind regards,

The 75th Executive Board of the ACLO and the Management of the Sports center

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