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20th of December KISS – Kerst Indoor Sport Spektakel

Wednesday December the 20th 2017, it is time for KISS! This stands for ‘Kerst Indoor Sport Spektakel’ meaning Christmas indoor sportsspectacle. On this day the Sports Center is totally dedicated to Christmas! Sign up for the upcoming activities or come by to join us celebrating the end of this beautiful year!

Lasergamen (18.30-22.00):

On the 20th of december 2017 the well known sportsevent ‘KISS’ will take place. This stands for ‘Kerst Indoor Sport Spektakel’ meaning Christmas indoor sportsspectacle. This year as grand  finale a lasergame tournament will be launched.

‘De Struikhal’, one of the many sportshalls, will be transformed into a reallife warzone making you experience the game ‘Call of Duty’ like it’s real!

The lasergame event will take place on the 20th of december from 19:00 till 23:00 in ‘de Struikhal’ of the sportscentre. There will be multiple game rounds in wich two teams will compete against each other. The teams will consist of ten people. It’s possible to sign in as a team, if there are less then ten people in your team, teams can be joined to get enough people.

Registration can be done by mailing your, and your teams, information to hurry up because first come first served!

Weightlifting en powerlifting competitie(17.30-21.00):
Strongest Student of Groningen

Every year in december, during KISS, students of groningen get the chance to test their strength. With a Powerlifting and Weightlifting meet, Northside Barbell makes sure that they get the chance to battle it out, to find out who really is The Strongest Student of Groningen.

How does this go down? We at Northside Barbell, run a competition every year where students of Groningen push their physical capabilities. The way we test this is with two consecutive competitions in two sports:

Olympic Weightlifting
This is a technical and power sport which involves two movements: the
Clean&Jerk and the Snatch. Each lifter will receive three attempts at each of these lifts.

This sport is a more strength focused sport in which the lifter takes part in three lifts: Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift. Again, contestants get three attempts for each lift.

The entire event will be held in the ACLO sportscentre during the KISS event on the 20th of December. It will start with the weightlifting competition, followed by a short break and then the Powerlifting competition. The weightlifting will start at 17:30 and the award ceremony will be circa 23:30. Be sure to join us to witness the impressive feats of strength that will be performed that evening!

Any questions can be directed to

Circuit XXL (17.00-18.00):
Are you familiar with the circuit training at the ACLO? Good news; during KISS there will be a huge circuit in the HG hal! The circuit will start at 17.00, so take your friends with you and join this great event!

Handicap volleybal(19.30-23.00):
There will be a special volleybal tournament during KISS! Four different game forms will be played:

  • One hand volleybal, you can just use one hand!
  • ‘Tennis volleybal’. You stand alone in the field and swap every ball during the rally
  • Seated volleybal, you must sit down!
  • Blind volleybal, you cannot see the other team!

You can sign up by sending an email to:

Futsal tournament (19.30-23.00):
In the KD hall there will be a futsal tournament. Everybody is welcome to join this big futsal tournament! You can sign up as team with at least 5 or sign up individually by sending an email to

Poledance demo’s (15.30-18.00):
There will be poledance demo’s in hall 4 during KISS. These demos will take place on: 16.15, 17.00, 17.30. Members of Noordpole will show and learn you some moves! For more information look at:


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