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Attention: The ACLO has a new app!

Attention: The ACLO has a new app! 

As of Tuesday, 14th of June, the ACLO has a new app. The app is called ACLO and is available in the App store and in Google Play. This app will replace the current apps, the My ACLO Sports app and the ACLO Access Control app. Download the app now, and make reservations, buy your ACLO card or check out the current sports offer!

*This means that the current apps (ACLO Sports App & ACLO Access Control App) will no longer be available as of 14th of June.

Attention! On Tuesday, the 14th of June, the abovementioned apps will be unavailable throughout most of the day (from 06:00 AM). Therefore, it is not possible to make reservations during this time period of the day.

To make it possible to offer sports during the period that there is no working app on Tuesday, you can participate in the group lessons, open hours and free reservations without making a reservation. Please note: full = full, so be on time if you want to be assured of a place.

Explanation use of app:

Coming soon: here you can find all your current reservations (Group lessons, open hours, free reservations, fitness and courses)!

Schedule: this is where you can find the sports schedule per day. Select ‘filter’ at the top right. Here you can choose the different locations, categories and sports.

Scan: with scan you can check in at your reservations. This is mandatory for every reservation you make and can only be done in the first 15 minutes of a reservation! 

Shop: in the shop you can select courses and subscriptions.

Profile: in your profile you can see an overview of your subscriptions, your history and your purchases. You can also change your profile settings here! 

Reservation system at the ACLO:

As of 14th of June, the reservation system at the ACLO will be set up differently. This will affect the bookability of activities but also the absence of bookings. Below is a summary of the layout of the new reservation system.

  • Bookings can be made 7 days in advance, starting at 9 o’clock in the morning.
  • Cancellation of a booking is possible up to 60 minutes in advance.
  • With free reservations it is not allowed to reserve a sport twice a day.
  • With free reservations it is possible to book more than one time slot of a sport on the same day.
  • You can check in up to 15 minutes after the class has started with the scan feature in the ACLO app.
  • If you fail to make a booking, you will receive a warning the first two times. The third time, your ACLO card will be blocked for a period of two weeks, and you can pay a fine of 10,- euro if you want to play sports within these two weeks.
  • It is not possible to make bookings with a blocked ACLO card.
  • A warning will remain in place till the end of the academic year
  • Courses: If you do not attend 80% of the course lessons, a contribution of 10,- euro will be asked and your account will be blocked. When the fee is paid you can make new bookings.
    • This rule is imposed due to the popularity of courses and course spots that are left empty when athletes do not show up.


Kind regards,

The 76th Executive Board of the ACLO

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