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Introduction Sportscard

Not yet convinced why you should sport at the ACLO? Then try the Introduction Sportscard! This card is valid for one day and will cost you just €5,-. With this card you can sport an entire day at the ACLO. In the morning you can go for a relaxing swim, in the afternoon you can join a lesson in body fit, yoga, spinning, or play indoor soccer and in the evening you can rent a court and play a game of squash or tennis! Everything is possible! If you decide to buy an ACLO Sportscard on the same day you pay €47,- instead of €52,-. So don’t hesitate and get the introduction Sportscard now! 

  • The Introduction Sportscard is only for students of the HG and the RUG.
  • You can buy the card at the Information desk of the Sportcentre.
  • It is for each student possible to buy the Introduction Sportscard once a year.
  • Attention: With the Introduction Sportscard you have no access to the gym!
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