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Nominees Athlete of the year 2017-2018

Baukje Zaaijer

After a short attempt at rowing in Leeuwarden, Baukje stepped in a boat at Gyas for the first time in autumn in 2013. From that moment on she proved a tremendous rower. Being both extremely strong and fast she quickly developed to be a skilled rower, especially in the single scull. In her second year she won the royal Holland cup in the under 23 category! Unfortunately her talent went unnoticed for some as she was not chosen in multiple selections for larger boats.

Last year she decided to take her fate in her own hands instead of trying to get a spot in the national team. She got back to her basics and took place in the single scull and was determined to reach her ultimate goal: the FISU World Championship in Shanghai. When the first hurdle (qualification) was taken easily she started her gruelling trainings schedule, while doing her residency. Due to her iron discipline and limitless perseverance she improved even further, reaching her goal as she achieved a bronze medal in one of her best races. In the single scull field this is a tremendous achievement and this is why Baukje deserves to be athlete of the year 2017/2018!

Paula Borgonje

Paula is one of the many great judokas at the Mattekloppers. She judos at national and international level since her youth and has already won many prizes. She won 8 medals at the Dutch Championships of which one first place. This year she won the Bremen Open and became second at the Antwerp Open and fifth at the Dutch Championships. Next to judo she is also active in sambo, where she also competes at international level. Last year she became Dutch Champion Sambo in her weight class. Next to that she also finished her study Pharmacie last year and is working now as an pharmacist in the Martini Ziekenhuis.

Arte Brueren

Arte Brueren is the first player of G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje who played official international matches for the Dutch indoor football team. In season ’17 -’18 she has traveled with the Dutch national team to Newry (Northern Ireland) to represent our little country in the European Championship qualification. Also this season Arte is back in the Dutch squad and she has already played two practice matches in Sittard against the Czech Republic, where after the match young spectators were lined up to ask for her signature. In addition, she plays in Vijfje Women 1, currently in sixth place in the national Premier league. With her team she has written club history this year: for the first time in the semi-finals of the national KNVB cup. As a student association, we are very proud that she travels around Europe to give everything for our country!

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