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Nominees Special contribution to student sports 2017-2018

Skate4Air team Tjas

Nine member s of speedskating club Tjas have trained together last winter for the “Elfstedentocht” (speedskating 200km) on the Weissensee. During this period, they also collected more than €11.000 for medical research on the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis, by for example, organising a 24-hour spinning event on the Vismarkt. To ride this 200km tour, in Holland regarded as ‘the tour of all tours’, they travelled to the Weissensee in Austria, where the Dutch speedskating hearts beat at a faster pace. They team members started the race at 6am. In the first dark hours, it was foremost a matter of avoiding cracks. When the sun had risen, the skating was great en enjoyable. However, after a couple of hours it started raining and the quality of the ice deteriorated rapidly. With hindsight, experts speak of “slush puppy ice”, comparable with “inline skating on sand”. The tour transformed in a knockout race, with many  falls and casualties. The teammembers had to let go their target finishing times. It was now a matter of perseverance and survival. With blood, sweat, tears and countless energy bars, every team member skated at their max. capacity. The skating day entered the history books as “the hell of ‘18”, on which merely eight percent of all participants finished the 200km tour. Five of those being members of Skate4air Team Tjas. This warm-hearted peak performance on a typical Dutch event make the members of Skate4Air Team Tjas true heroes of ’18 ;).

Merger De Groene Uilen and Moestasj 

some birds mate for life.

Students Basketballclub Groene Uilen has been in existence sinds 1957 and Moestasj (the name is considered to be neologism that combines Motivation and Enthusiasm) came into being after the high and mighty Donar quit being associated with Vindicat and the ACLO in 1976.

The fact that the owls remain green has, on the other hand, to do with the fact they oppose “degreening”, as the initiating process of some (student)groups is called.

Somehow, somewhere Moestasj adopted the pinguïn – black and white-  as its own representative animal.

Both birds have gotten along well through the years and being green or not has not been much of an issue. Owls and penguins have even been known to occasionally produce some offspring.

Since last century there have been talks about merging the nests, but the clubs have always been just friends. Uilen busy carrying the organisational weight of their first teams, that have been performing on the second highest level continuously and Moestasj developing into an exemplary international-friendly meeting place. Busy, successful, different niche…. approaching steps were still made but hey: no sense of urgency.

Until recently when the smaller Moestasj, all of a sudden, suffered some unfortunate governance. A series of unfortunate events – in which even members of the board disappeared – left the club in financial and organisational disarray. A new board was formed by a group of international members, that not only succeeded in keeping the melting ice floe with the penguins afloat, but also – together with the Uilen board, that of course willingly was lending hands-  to quickly take up the project of merging. Now there is something for their resume.

Because there they are: Groene Uilen Moestasj. Still on the highest amateur level, still very international, still with teams in green and in black jerseys, still competing with each other, but now with one, much more efficient board. Birds of a feather..  or shall we call them Friends with Benefits?

Marlon Connor

Marlon Connor has been a well-known name in the ACLO for years. Many ACLO athletes come to the ACLO to follow one of the many group lessons given by him. His motivating lessons ensure that many students remain motivated to get the maximum out of themselves and also enjoy the lessons. He also invented Labooca and was in the finals of the Groningen entrepreneurs challenge with the Move together project. This project helps people to move with medical problems and / or low budget. Enough reasons to vote for him!

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