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Nominees Trainer/Coach of the year 2016-2017

Govert Pellikaan

For years and years Govert is active at rowing club Gyas as a coach, in which a lot of his rowers have reached the national and international top. Last season Govert was the coach of the under 23 men’s double sculls, who reached a fourth place at the under 23 world championships. Another rower he coached attended the World Cup III in Lucerne in the light weight sculling four. Govert is a coach who spends a lot of time coaching voluntarily at our club. Govert takes on a personal challenge with his rowers and makes them get the best out of themselves, that’s what makes him the best coach. Above of it all, he provides a fun an good training atmosphere!

Simon Leistra

Four contestants at the national championships for individuals, 3rd place in the national mixed teamcompetition, 3rd place at the national teamchampionships, gold at the Dutch open teams, several international medals. The results are clear. Simon has had an important role in stimulating the judokas to go for the best. Furthermore, he is always able to create the right ambiance in the training. He skillfully adapts his instructions to judokas with different goals, and encourages a critical view.

Since at least 1995 Simon has been active at the Mattekloppers. First as a member, later as a trainer. Next to his job at the Hanze University of Applied Science, he teaches judo twice a week, and accompanies the team at national and international competitions. Simon has been involved in the club for over 20 years now, and we think he deserves a big thumbs up!

Nabil Abdi

Nabil is known among every member in our association, 5 times a week he can be found in the Dojo. Mr. Deltaserat is not only our trainer, he is the founder of the association. And every year he has been rated, he scored a steady 9, and that’s for a reason.

With the same passion that he started the association, he is still leading us through every training. With his many years of experience he knows exactly how to teach people the fine techniques of martial arts. He doesn’t expect you to be able to do everything, but he expects you to try. And with that, he creates the right atmosphere, an atmosphere in which there is a lot of space for both fun ánd progress. Nabil welcomes everyone with respect, and we show respect for him, creating an environment in which everyone can feel good and train well.

Vote for Nabil, show him the respect that he deserves.

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