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Refund policy academic year 2020-2021

Dear students,

The past year was a turbulent year for everyone. We understand that it has been a disappointment that, due to the corona measures, the Sports Center had to close its doors for a long period of time and that the ACLO has not been able to offer all sport activities like you are used to. Because we want to help you with this, we would like to offer all ACLO-sporters the possibility of a partial refund. In the table below you can read how much money this involves per ACLO subscription.

Type of ACLO Card Refund amount*
ACLO Card Regular €12,81
ACLO High Rate €28,84
ACLO Fitness Card €32,67
ACLO Fitness 1st Semester Card €7,74
ACLO Fitness 2nd Semester Card €32,08
ACLO Prolonged Card €32,08
ACLO 1st Semester Card Regular €17,76
ACLO 1st Semester Card High Rate €35,54
ACLO 2nd Semester Card Regular €7,04
ACLO 2nd Semester Card High Rate €14,08
ACLO Prolonged Card Regular €3,52
ACLO Prolonged Card High Rate €7,04

*There is a maximum budget available for the refund policy. If the requests exceed the budget, the refund amount will be proportionally adjusted downwards. The final refund amount could therefore differ from the amounts in the schedule above.

Refunds can be requested by filling in this form before the 12th of October 2021 (00:00). The refund amount will then be transferred to your account around mid-November.

We hope that we have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions as a result of this message, please let us know. Questions can be sent to

We are looking forward to a sportive and  academic year, and hope to see you soon at the Sports Centre!


Kind regards,

The 76th Executive Board of the ACLO & Management Sports Center

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