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Sport of the Week: Tennis at T.C. Veracket

Everybody knows what tennis is. You have to ‘hit more balls over the net and in between the lines than your opponent’. What a lot of people don’t know, is that playing tennis at the ACLO is also possible at a club. One of these clubs is T.C. Veracket. As a club we offer the perfect combination between sport and fun. The contribution is only €34,- a year and for 10 practices you only pay €14,-. Besides practices we meet up every Wednesday from 20:00-23:00 to play some tennis and have drinks at our club house: ‘t Haarhuisje. We also have a few tournaments on Saturday evening, in the winter and an Internal Sunday competition. In the spring we take part in the competition and we organize a lot of activities that are not related to tennis like a hitchhiking competition and skiing holiday. T.C. Veracket is a good choice for both the advanced as the beginning student tennis player.

Not convinced yet? Look at the promovideo. You can sign up at

Did you know that:

  • C. Veracket is the biggest student tennisclub in Groningen and the Netherlands?
  • C. Veracket is the only independent student tennisclub of Groningen?
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