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Sport of the Week

New at the ACLO! The Sport of the Week. Every week one sport is selected to be the Sport of the Week. During this week more information, movies and interesting facts are posted here. This week the Sport of the Week is:


Spinning (indoor cycling) is a type of fitness that offers you a varied program of exercise on a specially-built bike, all of this with musical guidance. Everybody will follow the speed of the music and can decide the intensity of the work-out for him/herself by raising or lowering resistance. In that way everybody will have the physical workout they desire. The ACLO offers spinning as an open hour with a first come first serve principle: FULL = FULL!

Informative facts:

  • Indoor cycling uses specific hand positions and five core movements. Hand positions 1, 2 and 3 are identified by the area where your hands should be placed onto the handlebar. Use a relaxed grip to avoid neck and shoulder tension. The five core movements are seated flat, seated climb, standing flat, standing climb and jumps. The different positions target different muscles.
  • The average indoor cyclist can burn 400-600 calories during a 40 minute workout when averaging 80-110 rpm’s – an equivalent to 15-20 road miles.
  • Indoor cycling is a low impact workout that enhances your cardiovascular health and is easy on the knees and other joints. Indoor cycling also improves strength and diabetes control, reduces blood pressure and helps with weight loss.


You can do spinning at the ACLO during the general hours. The general spinning hours are offered at the following times and days.

Day Time Day Time
Monday 13.30-14.30 Thursday 13.30-14.30
Monday 16.00-17.00 Thursday 17.00-18.00
Monday 18.00-19.00 Thursday 18.00-19.00
Monday 19.30-20.30 Friday 13.30-14.30
Tuesday 13.30-14.30 Friday 17.30-18.30
Tuesday 18.00-19.00
Tuesday 19.00-20.00
Tuesday 20.00-21.00
Wednesday 13.30-14.30
Wednesday 16.00-17.00
Wednesday 17.00-18.00
Wednesday 18.00-19.00
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