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Sports opportunities from the 1st of July onward

In addition to the already announced fitness reopening, we were able to expand our sports offer even further as of 1 July, as a result of the very positive developments. Below is a complete overview of what you can do at the ACLO this summer!

General information

  • During the summer period, the WAS and ACLO Station are closed until the 30th of August. The ACLO Sports centre will be open, although, during alternative opening hours which you can check here.
  • Dressing and shower facilities will remain closed until August 28 at the earliest.
  • Competitions are allowed per 1/7 again. In consultation with the sports associations, we will take a look at what can be picked up again from August onward. For questions, including training activities during the summer, you can contact your own sports association.
  • The following applies to all activities: reservation / registration is required in advance. Register via the ACLO or via your own sports association.
  • For indoor sports: there is a maximum number of athletes per sports hall, so only enter the the room if you have booked a spot.
  • We will not allow spectators this summer.
  • For the exact offer: log in via our website.
  • Read the relevant adapted protocols in advance here.
  • Before and after exercise, 1.5m distance remains the rule!

Indoor sports

  • You can practice (contact) Indoor sports without 1.5m distance. Whenever you can keep the distance, please do so.
  • You can reserve a field or sports hall again.

Fitness and group lessons

  • Fitness is only allowed again with a 1.5m distance, based on reservation and a maximum number of athletes per time slot.
  • We have chosen that if the weather permits, we will continue to offer group lessons with a 1.5m distance outside all summer. In bad weather, it is possible to divert to room 4, also here with a 1.5m distance.

Outdoor sports

  • You can practice outdoor sports again without a 1,5 meter distance. Whenever you can keep the distance, please do so.
  • You can rent outdoor fields again.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming pool at the WAS will be closed from the 4th of July until the 30th of August.

Phased reopening club houses

We are happy that the sports communities can also start up carefully again. For sports canteens / club houses, all conditions also apply to the catering industry in accordance with the instructions and emergency regulations, and therefore also the 1.5 meters distance. We have made agreements about the start up with the relevant associations. There is a maximum closing time of 10.30 pm, and from the 17th of August, this will be 11.30 PM. The associations will regulate the use on the basis of their own protocol and reservation. For information you can contact your association.


This summer, we will deploy an extra supervisor in addition to a desk employee to maintain the set frameworks. An explicit request to continue to follow the instructions of the relevant supervisor.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Sports Centre desk (050-3638063). Check the opening hours during our summer period here.

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