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Sports opportunities per 29/08

Fortunately, we are able to practice more and more sports at the Sports centre! It is important to keep following the RIVM Corona guidelines and this also applies during, before, and after sports at the ACLO Sports Center. For the safety of yourself and everyone around you, it is very important that the following rules are adhered to.

Firstly, the general rules:

  • Always follow the RIVM guidelines.
  • Access to all open hours/group lessons and courses remain on registration.
  • For non-contact sports still applies, always keep 1.5 meters distance.
  • For contact sports, keep a distance of 1.5 meters as much as possible.
  • The 1.5 meter rule always applies around the indoor and outdoor sports fields, in the rest of our sports buildings, and on the sports fields.

Group lessons:

  • The group lessons have limited capacity to ensure that all athletes have sufficient space.
  • A group lesson of 1 hour consists of 50 minutes of sports and 10 minutes of cleaning and leaving the room.
  • Upon entry, all athletes must scan a QR code for presence. Before arrival, download the ACLO Access Control App and scan the QR code that will be available in the room of your sports activity.

Dressing room use:

From Saturday 29-08, the changing rooms will reopen under the following conditions. The changing rooms at ACLO Station will remain closed due to narrow corridors!

  • Come to the Sports Center in sports clothing as much as possible for the lesson, training and / or match.
  • Only use the changing rooms to change quickly and take a short shower if necessary.
  • Team meetings are not allowed to take place in the locker room.
  • Per dressing room it will be indicated how many people are allowed in at the same time, this differs per dressing room due to the capacity.
  • The maximum capacity of the changing rooms also applies to teams.
  • Places in the changing room where you are not allowed to sit are taped off.
  • Showers that may not be used are covered.
  • Eating and drinking in the changing room are prohibited.

Cleaning supplies:

Cleaning products will be provided for the sports classes in which materials are used. Athletes are responsible for cleaning these themselves.

Walking routes:

At all times, follow the indicated walking routes plus the associated exits.

Sports events:

Sports events for which a regular permit is required, is not permitted by the Sports Center for the time being.


Clubhouses have already been open again since 1-7-2020 and can fill their regular catering function, provided they meet the guidelines applicable to the catering industry. In addition, the Sports Center uses a closing time from 17-08 of max 23.30 hour (sweeping / cleaning up until 00.30 hour).

For questions about association sports, please contact your sports association. Do you have any other questions regarding the sports options / facilities at the Sports Center? Mail or call or 050-3634641.

Together we ensure a good and safe start to the new academic year!

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