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Activities Healthweek 12-16 April

The Healthweek will take place in the week of the 12th to the 16th of April! During the Healthweek you can participate in many activities and events, they are available to everyone and are free of charge. On this page you can find the description of all the activities and the registration links. Want to know more about the Healthweek in general? Click here!

Activities per day

Monday – April 12

Guided meditation workshop (17:00-18:00)

How often do you experience a loss of focus, tolerance or creativity? When was the last time you felt on edge? And have you tried meditation as a cure? If not, now is your chance to give it a go! Professor Christopher May, Ph.D. from the RUG will give an introduction to meditation, followed by a roughly half an hour guided meditation period to help you feel more relaxed. Already familiar with the beneficial effects of meditation? You’re more than welcome to join the workshop too — it will definitely leave you feeling at ease. You can sign up now via this link.

Vegan cooking workshop and lecture – organised in collaboration with the Green Office (19:00-20:00)

Vegetarian and plant-based food are on the rise! Do you want to know more? This evening will offer you a perfect combination between scientific insights and practical tips! Dr. ir. Sanderine Nonhebel will start with a lecture on the environmental impacts of food, with the focus on meat and dairy. She is an associate professor in Sustainable Food Systems and her line of research involves environmental impacts of food production systems and the options to change the impacts by changing food consumption patterns.

Afterwards, you will have the chance to participate in a cooking workshop! Are you interested in plant-based cooking but do you have no idea where to start? Or are you just looking for ways to add more variety to your usual meals? Then the vegan cooking workshop, hosted by Oskar Bakker from the Vegan Student Association (VSA) in Groningen, is for you! Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or an enthusiastic home cook, this workshop will provide you with tips and tricks to take your plant-based cooking skills to the next level. Not fully convinced yet…? Just check out Oskar’s photos on Instagram and you’ll instantly feel inspired. So don’t hesitate any more — sign up now via this link.

Tuesday – April 13

ACLO Buddy Bootcamp

Do you want to exercise outdoor with a friend again? Join the ACLO Buddy Bootcamp on Tuesday the 13th of April! With guidance of our instructors you will complete a course, during which you will do several bootcamp exercises. The bootcamp will take approximately 40 to 45 minutes in total and it will start and end on the athletics track (ACLO Sports Center).

Click on this link to register and choose your own start time. Please note: only one of your couple needs to register. You will receive more information via e-mail soon.

p.s. we will raffle two SmartBags among all participants!

Are insects the food of the future? – lecture organized in collaboration with the Green Office (15:00-16:00)

Would you eat bitterballen made out of crickets? Did you know insect consumption is going to grow in the future? Discover more about entomophagy during our lecture!

Prof. Arnold van Huis from Wageningen University – world leading expert on this topic – will give an overview of insects as food and feed. Being high in protein, with a low carbon footprint and easy to cultivate, insects can help us with ensuring food security and fighting climate change. Tristan Hofman will give us advice about ways to easily incorporate insects in your diet. His company, GaiaFood, produces protein powder out of insects and is working to create bread, pasta and even snacks! Sign up now via this link!

Workshop about emotional eating (17:00-18:00)

We don’t always eat just to satisfy physical hunger. Many of us also turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or to reward ourselves. And when we do so, we tend to reach for junk food, sweets, and other comforting but unhealthy foods. You might reach for a pint of ice cream when you’re feeling down, order a pizza if you’re bored or lonely, or swing by the drive-through after a stressful day at work. These are examples of emotional eating. Emotional eating means using food to make yourself feel better — to fill emotional needs, rather than your stomach. Unfortunately, emotional eating doesn’t fix emotional problems. In fact, it usually makes you feel worse. Afterwards, not only does the original emotional issue remain, but you also feel guilty for overeating.

Therefore, we would like to provide you support and give you more information on this topic. During this workshop, Neeke Smit will help you recognize if you are stuck in an emotional eating cycle and also offer solutions for overcoming it. You can sign up via this link

‘What Google doesn’t teach you about stress’ – interactive lecture (20:00-21:00)

Do you ever experience stress? If so, does it have a positive or negative impact on your life? And did you know that stress, in most cases, is not the cause of your stress related complaints? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it! During his lecture, Timo Hans from the Physis Academy will explain it all to you. He has already helped many students get rid of their stress related complaints. So will you be the next? Sign up here to find out!

Wednesday – April 14

ACLO-Vitalisrun (all day)

The ACLO Vitalis Run is a free running competition open to everyone! It will take place on the 14th of April. You can choose to run either the 3.8 or 6.5 km distance. You can also decide for yourself at what time of the day you will complete the run. The route starts at the ACLO Sports Center and will be marked on the road.

You will be required to record your time via Strava and then place it in the ACLO-Vitalisrun Strava group on the day of the run. To join: click on this link and become a member of the club. Here, you can also find a map which clarifies the route.

And of course, there are prizes to win — not only for the fastest participant but also by lottery. 

Are you ready to take on this fun challenge? We’d love to see you join! You can sign up via this link. 

‘Well-being, Nature and Sports’ – lecture organized in collaboration with the Green Office (15:00-16:00)

Spending time in nature and doing activities outdoors feels amazing! But why is being in nature so good for you? And where can you do open air sports in Groningen? Join our lecture to know more!

Health benefits of Nature
Dr. Henk Staats, Professor at Leiden University, will explain how nature has beneficial effects on our physical and mental health. Spending time in a natural environment or simply observing nature from our window has surprising restorative effects: it helps us recover from stress and fatigue, and replenish our mental resources!

Open air sports in Groningen
Now that spring has started, we can spend more time outdoors! Ezra Schrijver will provide us with a nice overview of places in Groningen where to engage in open air sport activities. Ezra Schrijver works for the program ‘Bewegende Stad’ at the municipality Groningen: the main focus is to create public sport places where people can sport, exercise, meet and play.

 So sign up now via this link!

‘The importance of sleep for performance and health’ – lecture (17:00-18:00)

You must have heard dozens of times (at least from your parents) that sleep is important. But do you really know why? What does our body do while we sleep? And how can we improve the quality of our sleep? Professor Dr. Peter Meerlo from the RUG will answer all your burning questions and tell you why sleep is necessary not only for maintaining your health but also for maximizing your (sports) performance. Dr. Meerlo is an expert in this field so you are guaranteed to learn something new during his lecture. Sign up now to secure your spot!

Mindfulness workshop (19:00-20:00)

In this workshop, you will learn how you can live more consciously and find more peace in your daily life by applying mindfulness and discovering its benefits. The workshop will be given by one of the trainers of the Mindfulnessfabriek. Their mission is to share mindfulness, which is defined as follows: living in harmony with yourself and your environment. By accepting what presents itself and making conscious choices that promote your well-being. By adopting an open attitude towards yourself and others. By being aware of yourself. By getting out of your mind and being in the middle of life… If this has sparked your interest, don’t forget to sign up here.

Thursday – April 15

‘Data in Sports’ – lecture (17:00-18:00)

During this lecture by Auke Damstra from Sport Data Valley, you are going to get an overview of the ways sports data are collected, organized, and most importantly, analyzed. The contents of this lecture can be especially useful and informative for athletes and coaches besides researchers. The digital platform of Sport Data Valley supports embedded scientists in various sports associations and provides them with data solutions for practical sport-related issues. Interested in learning more? Sign up using this link. 

Workshop about creating eating habits to make you feel more energized (18:00-19:00)

Developing healthy eating habits is one of the first steps to a healthy lifestyle. During this workshop by nutrition coach Rachel Hibma, you will be given tips to acquire healthy habits in order to feel more energized. If you are curious about nutrition and want to feel better, this workshop is for you! You can sign up here.


If you have any questions about the Healthweek you can send an e-mail to healthcie@aclosport.nl. We’ll be happy to help you!

Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

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