Group lesson

Aquafit is exercising to music in the water. With the help of a number of floating objects you’re able to do a lot of different exercises. Because of the water’s resistance you can focus on strengthening your muscles or your endurance. Moreover, water has the quality that it makes you almost weightless, so there is hardly any pressure on your knees and ankles. By varying in the speed and size of your movements, you can make it as hard as you want. Therefore, you can join these lessons on your own level. Still, the trainer will try to get the most out of you!

Attention! At the Willem Alexander Sportcentrum, the ACLO has been opreating a ticket system for the group lessons aquafit and open hours swimming since Monday the 7th of November 2016, to check for ACLO Cards and to regulate the amount of participants.  For more information about this ticket system and how to reserve a ticket, click here.


  • Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum (WAS)
    Zernikeplein 17
    9747 AS Groningen
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