“Supreme concentration is required. You pull the arrow backwards, raise the bow and aim at your target. The arrow is tight on your bow. If you have the yellow – the center of the target – in your sights, then let go, hoping for a direct hit. ”

Have you always wanted to feel like Robin Hood in the forests of Nottingham? Then archery is really for you. Archery is a sport of precision and details. It requires concentration, body control and fitness. When shooting, it is important that you stand firmly on the ground and across the direction of the arrow.

It looks impressive, shooting with bow and arrow, but in a few lessons you can already learn how to use a longbow. In the course you will learn the basics of archery.

The course takes place on the golf course. This can be found behind the hockey fields at Zernike.

Casual wear can be worn during this course. It is important that the clothing is comfortable and not too loose around the chest. So preferably no hoodies with laces, thick jackets or coats and the like. And wear shoes with a flat sole so that you can stand firm.



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