Open hour

During the open hour of badminton a group of enthusiastic students will gather together to play a few games. By showing your ACLO-sportscard, you can rent a badminton racket for €0,50 and buy shuttles for €2,20 a piece at the Sports Centre information desk.


During the badminton course, given by G.S.B.C. AMOR, you’ll learn the basics of badminton very quickly. We will teach you how to hit a right service, clear, drop and smash and we will give you a little introduction into the footwork. After this course you’ll be able to play some awesome games following the correct rules! We will end the course with a tournament. This course isn’t about camping badminton, but about a die-hard sport!

Free reservation

You can rent a racket for €0,50 and buy shuttles for €2,20 a piece at the information desk of the Sports Centre. You will have to put up the nets yourself.

G.S.B.C. Amor

AMOR is the main badminton club of the north! Although we play badminton at a high level, recreational players will have a great time at AMOR as well. Besides badminton, AMOR also organizes drinks parties, a training camp, and a weekend trip to Schiermonnikoog, among other things.

Are you interested in this sport? Take a look at the website of the Sports club G.S.B.C. Amor.

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