Bootcamp is thé exciting physical active sport of today.
In this new outer sport we are able to offer an intense thorough training program in the “Noorderplantsoen” in Groningen.
The training program uses all kind of (natural) resources available in the park, which will be used in different exercises to improve your fitness level, everything under the supervision of one of our professional bootcamp instructors. Together with other participants (max 15/group) you will be challenged to give everything you have for one hour. Cross the hilly and woody paths of the park, do your utmost in the exercises and enjoy the fresh air and the burst of energy that it will give.

The course is given by Outdoor NL. For more information, go to their Facebook.
Sometimes a special bootcamp will be given. This is, for example, canoeing or a GPS bootcamp. Also the information about the special bootcamps can be seen on the Facebook page.

Meeting point:

Noorderplantsoen, Restaurant Zondag

Bootcamp is more…..

  1. A fun way to lose a lot of calories. (500 – 800 per training)
  2. Efficient; a full body workout in a short period of time.
  3. Fun! Each exercise is different so it doesn’t get bored
  4. As challenging as your level allows.
  5. Together, training in a group.
  6. Personal attention and group motivation
  7. Workout in the open air.
  8. A good way to quickly get fit.
  9. Combination of cardio and strength training


  • Bootcamp Café Zondag
    Kruissingel 1
    9712 XN Groningen
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