Bouldering is the most spectacular branch of climbing. It is one of the new sports during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Bouldering is done on a wall of 3 to 4.5 meters high. You climb without using a rope, below you is a thick mat so that you fall softly. The atmospheric hall of Gropo Bouldergym in Groningen has about 200 routes from easy to very difficult that are refreshed every week, so there is always something new and a challenge for everyone!

Bouldering is puzzling with your body. How do I come up? How do I keep my balance? Where do I go along? Because everyone chooses different solutions, you learn from each other and you possibly solve the puzzle together. When bouldering you see new people, get in touch with each other and start working together. That makes bouldering so special. You become fit, strong and your balance progresses by leaps and bounds.

Especially for the ACLO, Gropo Bouldergym offers a course under the guidance of an experienced instructor. With 10 people, you will be introduced into bouldering in five lessons and work will be done to safely climb and improve the basic techniques on the boulder walls! It is also a fantastic place to meet new people in dynamic Groningen after enjoying a drink and good music.

Additionally, you can also try out Bouldering at the ACLO! The Groninger Studenten AlpenClub (GSAC) is an incredibly fun sports club devoted to different mountain sports. The GSAC organizes lots of climbing trainings, get-togethers and parties. Also for climbing, bouldering, mountaineering and winter sports abroad are we the right place for you. If this is something for you, please check out our website or drop by the ACLO climbing wall!


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