As in previous years, the ACLO will organize a beginners-course for students who are drawn to “the noble art of self-defence.” Men and women alike will have fun in this course. The first part of the training, which will last for an hour and a half will focus on different boxing techniques such as bumping, guarding and footwork. The second part of the course consists of building up a good basic fitness. At the end of each class there will be time to spar.

G.S.B.V. Pugilicé

Pugilicé has been one of the most fun and physically alluring sporting clubs within the ACLO for over 25 years. More than 100 members who practice this noble art of selfdefence have the opportunity to train 3 times a week. During the training we build up and maintain a good physical fitness and learn various boxing techniques. Last year Pugilicé has had the honor of having two student boxing champions a midst us!

Are you interested in this sport? Take a look at the website of the Sports club G.S.B.V. Pugilicé.


  • Sportcentrum
    Blauwborgje 16
    9747 AC Groningen
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