Floorball was brought from Scandinavia to our country a couple of years ago. In Scandinavia, it is one of the most popular sports. You could describe this sport as a mixture of hockey and ice hockey. You play the game in a field that is surrounded by boarding, you use a light stick and the puck has been replaced by a light ball with holes in it. Contrary to ice hockey, you’re not meant to conquer the ball through physical contact, but you’ll have to use speed, skills and teamwork. The course is accessible for everyone, thus experience with hockey or ice hockey is not required.

U.C. Face Off

U.C. Face Off, the student floorball club in Groningen. Do you know the sport from high school or the courses? And would you like to grow in this sport? Then come train with us for free for a couple of times, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll stay because of the drinks, activities, and fun! At the moment we have two men’s teams, two women’s teams and a number of mixed teams, all of which are competitive and fun. Contact us via the website and who knows we’ll see you soon at the course or training!


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