Have you ever had the wish to fly like a bird?

The ACLO, in collaboration with the North Netherlands Gliding Club (NNZC), offers you the opportunity to experience what it is like to soar like a bird.


Please note: the course costs €25,-. You pay with the registration system, but can’t reclaim the guarantee!

The planning of the fly day is listed below:

  • At 13:25 bus 74 (perron V) is departing from Groningen Hoofdstation to Emmen, get out at the stop: Paal 7, Annerveenschekanaal. Our members will be waiting at the bus stop to bring you to the airfield. Attention: please be on time, as the bus is only departing once every full hour! You will be responsible for your own tickets. It is also possible to come with your own transportation. The address is Borgercompagnie 266.
  • At 14:30 you will be welcomed in our canteen for a presentation about gliding.
  • At around 15:00 we start with flying one by one and everyone can have the oppurtunity to see the club and experience how things are dealth with.
  • You can buy drinks at the canteen for €1,- per can of soda, but you are free to bring along your own drinks.
  • When everybody has flown, probably around 18:30, we end with a meal, where you are free to participate. Afterwards, you will be properly returned at the bus station (Paal 7) or the train station in Veendam. Where you can take a bus/train back to Hoofdstation Groningen.
  • Also bring sunblock and sunglasses as there is little shade on the airfield.


Fly with us

Your seatbelts are fastened, an explanation on the instruments follows and that time is there… Launch! The cable is tightened and there you go. Within seconds you ascend with a speed of approximately 100 km/h and at around 500 meters the plane unhooks. It’s faster and more intense than a rollercoaster! From that moment you fly. An experienced instructor explains how it is possible the plane keeps soaring, while you enjoy your view.


You learn gliding by experience. Every time you go up in the air with an instructor you will become a step closer to flying solo and the Glider Pilot License (GPL). Apart from flying you will experience how flying is organized. To be able to fly there is collaboration between the pilot, the wingtip-man, the signaler, the administrator and the winch launcher.

In order to qualify for the GPL you will have to learn theory like meteorology, aerodynamics and construction, apart from the exam flights. Often the trainee pilots do not find the theory difficult, but interesting! Visit for the current student rates and more information!


There are not so many requirements you will have to meet if you wish to fly with us, except you do not weigh more than a 100 kg. Also, flying with a heavy cold is not recommended due to some pressure differences you are going to experience even though they are reasonably small.

Data 2018-2019

Period 4A: 10 May & 24 May
Period 4B: 14 June, 21 June & 5 July

Data 2019-2020

Period 1A: 13 September & 27 September


  • NNZC Veendam
    Borgercompagnie 266
    9631 TP Borgercompagnie
    0598 623 259
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