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Hang gliding

You can not get closer to a bird as a human being: with hang gliding you literally draw your own wings. It gives a huge sense of freedom and independence … But, you will have to learn first! And that is possible in the Netherlands. Get acquainted with this special air sport during the two-day introductory course.

Dates 2018-2019

20 and 21 April (Easter weekend), reserve 27 and 28 April
29 and 30 June, reserve 6 and 7 July

Day 1: walking exercises

On the first day we start with a brief acquaintance and you fit a harness and a helmet. You can immediately try out the material in our simulator, so that you know a little bit about what to expect. Then we build a hang-glider together, and you learn how to start, steer and land. You just do that with your feet on the ground: with these walking exercises you learn to master the device a bit. It’s so good that you build some confidence before you go into the air!

Day 2: your first flights

On the second day you will already have some muscle pain. We walk warm with a few walking exercises to get used to the radio guidance and then the winch machine comes along. It helps you into the air, at first very short and low, but at the end of the day you stay in the air for a little longer, weather permitting.

For everyone?

Everyone of at least 14 years old with a normal condition can participate. You have to run small pieces, but you do not have to be an athlete. You have to be able to lift a hang-glider at the start of the start, but you do not have to be a powerhouse for that. It is important that you can see and hear something, and you prefer to weigh between 50 and 110 kilos. If you are unsure whether you can join, do not hesitate to ask.

By after the introductory course

Did you do the introductory course and do you like it? Then you can continue for the first hang-glider license. You do not need your own material for that and the lessons are mainly on weekends. As a student, you receive a discount on the course fee and you can also use a bit longer school material, even if you are practicing for the second hang-glider license.

The location

Heleen from hang-gliding school Randonaero Adventures gives lessons in a meadow just outside Zweeloo, near Emmen. There is a good bus connection with the village, where she can pick you up. Pick-up at a station is also possible; at a time, they agree with the participants where they collect so that they can be collected at once. There is a campsite on the site where you can stay overnight so that we can start again on Sunday morning. At the end of the weekend Heleen brings everyone back to the bus stop or the station.

Hang gliding and the weather

With hang gliding you go into the air. You literally go into the weather. To be able to do that safely, it must be ‘good flying weather’. That is fast, but breakers are for example very strong wind, little wind but with very strong wind gusts, thunderstorms and persistent rain. The weather forecast looks very bad, it may be that a day or part of the day does not go ahead. That is why there are two dates per beginner block: if the first weekend does not take place, it automatically moves on to the next one. You will receive more information about this as soon as you register.


If you signed up for the course, you can confirm the procedure with the instructor. After this you will receive additional information during the course. Choose: ‘Ik sport bij de ACLO’. You can register with the following link:

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