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Nutrition is a hot topic! Everyone wants to age healthy. Nutrition is an important part of this. Nowadays there is a lot of insecurity about nutrition. What is healthy? Are carbs bad for you? What is the best recovery meal? During the course “feed your knowledge, eat healthy” you will get answers to all of these questions and more. Further you will get a good view of your own nutrition and you will work on a healthy nutrition plan for yourself. The course will be given by dietician Neeke Smit –

Lesson 1. Knowledge healthy nutrition

The first lesson is all about the basics. You will learn about the basics of dietetics (macro- and micronutrients). Further we will discuss the guidelines of healthy nutrition based on the latest scientific findings.

Lesson 2. Calculating your needs

In this lesson we will focus on the energy requirement. After briefly learning about the theory you will learn how to calculate your own needs of energy, protein, carbs and fat. This is de base of making your own nutrition plan.

Lesson 3. Reading labels

During lesson 3 we are going to look critical at labels. What does a label tell you and what are important things to focus on? After learning more about the labels you will judge labels by yourself. Are these products really as healthy as they tell you? After this lesson you will know.

Lesson 4. Sportsnutrition

Nutrition and sports performance are inseparable. Good nutrition before and during the workout are important for the performance. Nutrition after the workout is important for recovery. But what do you have to eat and on what time? During this class you will learn all about this.

Lesson 5. Make your own nutrition plan

The last course we translate theory into practice. You will keep up  a few days in your diet. During the lesson you evaluate your diet and adjust towards a healthy nutrition plan.

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