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Ice Hockey

G.S.I.J.V. The Bulldogs

Always wanted to try icehockey? Join The Bulldogs!

Since we were founded in 1991, we offer students in Groningen the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful sport. Experienced or not, all students are welcome to join, develop their skills and be part of the team.

Our main goal is to have fun. We compete in the national student league, a non-checking league with 6 student teams from all over the country. We try to come together as a group both on and off the ice, build friendships that last a lifetime and show everyone what it means to be a hockeyplayer.

We practice twice a week ands try to come together as a team as much as we can. Our practices are on Wednesdays (22.30-23.30) and Sundays (20.00-21.00) whereafter we sometimes go out for drinks in the beautiful city of Groningen!

Interested in this sport? Visit the website of G.S.I.J.V. The Bulldogs.

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Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

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