Ice Skating


It is possible to follow a five week ice skating course at the ice rink of sports center Kardinge. The course is meant for the beginning skater. The group will be divided based on level and will receive training from expert trainers. During the training you will focus on the technique of ice skating.

For this course gloves are mandatory and it is strongly recommended to wear something on the head, such as a hat or a helmet. It is possible to participate on your own skates or to rent skates at the rink (for a fee of €6,- each time). It is only possible to participate in the course with speed skates, not with field hockey or figure skates.

G.S.S.V. Tjas

Have you always wanted to learn how to icespeed skate? Or do you already know how to skate and would you like to sharpen your skating technique on the long track? Then Tjas is someting for you! Both the absolute beginner and the advanced skater is welcome at Tjas. Under the guidance of enthusiastic trainers, different groups (classified by level) receive training on the ice rink at Sports Center Kardinge. They work on their skating technique, which can be put to the test during club competitions organised by Tjas. For the real fanatics there is also the possibility to become a speed skater. These skaters can go on the ice four times a week and train for competitions. In the winter, in addition to the skating training, spinning lessons are given. In the summer season we also work hard on condition and technique during the dry/hard running training, cycling training and inline skating training. In addition, strength training is offered throughout the year.

Besides the sporting activities, Tjas has a very active club life. There are weekly get-togethers, a dinner party every other week in our local bar, more than twenty committees and two fraternities. Activities are also organized on a regular basis, both sports- and non-sports related. For example; barbecues, a cycling weekend in the Ardennes, theme parties, the DIES Week, a skating vacation to Collalbo (Italy) and much more!

A membership in Tjas costs only €39 and for €10 you can become a trial member (from September 1st to November 1st). Curious for more information? Have a look at our website G.S.S.V. Tjas or send an email to


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