Judo is a budo sport from Japan and is an Olympic sport nowadays. Next to techniques, there is a lot of focus on randori, which is actually using those techniques in small competitions against an opponent.


In the 5 weeks of the course you will learn the basics of judo:

  • Learn falling
  • Throwing techniques (Tachi-waza)
  • Holds, strangulations, armbars and how to defend against those (Ne-waza)

Please bring loose sports clothes or a judo gi to the course.


When you join de Mattekloppers, you can join all the judo and jiu jitsu sessions that are taught. There is a technical judo group that is perfect if you are a beginner or if you want to perfect your techniques. Next to that, there is a competition group for the more experienced judokas who want to focus on competitions and on physical fitness.

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