Kickboxing is one of the most populair and well known fighting sports of this time. The diversity of kickboxing makes it one of the most efficient fighting sports while it also attracts a wide audience due to its competition element. In kickboxing several kick and thrust techniques are combined with the elbow, knee and clinch techniques. While most defensive sports underestimate the physical element, kickboxing values stamina, speed and balance. These factors are combined to create a full general work out in every lesson while also learning efficient defensive techniques. Kickboxing is a individual sport that is also practiced in a thight group. Respect and trust are core values for this sport.


During the course you will work on you stamina, endurance, physical and mental strength and the basic techniques of kickboxing. You might be wondering why so many different aspects are important in kickboxing. To be able to stay on you feet during a fight you will need a strong stamina and endurance. For this reason you must also work on your physical and mental strength. If your mind is not up to the task you wont stand a chance during a fight.


  • Sportcentrum
    Blauwborgje 16
    9747 AC Groningen
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