In America, Lacrosse is a real university sport. Since a few years, you can also practice this fast, dynamic and physical sport in Groningen. This sport is played with a stick that has a net fixed on top of it, in order for you to throw and catch the ball. The object of this game is to score in the opponents goal. Physical contact is an important part of men’s lacrosse, and to protect you, you wear things such as padded gloves and a helmet. Women’s lacrosse has less physical contact. There is a league for both sexes in the Netherlands. By participating in our ACLO course, we teach you the basics of lacrosse. Drop by and join the coolest club in Groningen.

Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators

Lacrosse is also known as the fastest game on two feet. It is a sport in which speed, agility and communication are important components.

Lacrosse is a sport where men and women are separated. The differences between the male and female rules are very clear. Men are wearing head-, shoulder-, elbow- and hand protection due the fact that it is a full-contact sport. Women are only obligated to wear a mouth guard during this fast, tactical game. Men’s lacrosse is more related to ice hockey, but then through the air. Women’s lacrosse is alike field hockey and again through the air.

Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators is the club in Groningen which plays this sport. It is not yet that well-known in The Netherlands, but it is a really fast growing sport. Internationally this sport is really well-known especially in the US, Canada and Great-Britain.

Are you interested in this sport? Take a look at the website of the Sports club Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators.

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