Do you like to be active throughout the lesson in a dancing way? MEDT, or Marthas Energy Dance Training, is a training in which 5 parts are treated behind one another.

  1. Warming up:
    During the warming up the different muscle groups are warmed up and activated.
  2. Training
    During the training the focus is on the use of the right techniques and the body is prepared for the physical elements that follow.
  3. Physical
    The physical element consists of strengthening various muscle groups and improving the overall condition. Of course all in a dancing form.
  4. Choreography
    Unlike a workout or training class, a MEDT class also includes a choreography component. Not only do we move, but we also offer various choreographies within different styles.
  5. Flow down
    This is all about reducing the tension built up in the body, stabilizing the heart rate and ending the class peacefully.

Does this teaching method appeal to you? Come and try it out.

Lucia Marthas

Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts (LMIPA) educates teachers for theĀ fields of pop, show, urban, and musical. This field forms an important part of the temporary podiumarts and is in need of highly educated podium artists. LMIPA is an educational institution located in Amsterdam and Groningen.


  • Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum (WAS)
    Zernikeplein 17
    9747 AS Groningen
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