Adjusted schedule 19-05 & 20-05

Olympic Weightlifting

In this course we teach you the basics of the Olympic Weightlifting, namely the two competition movements the snatch and the clean & jerk. We also teach how to properly perform the most important accessory exercises such as the back squat and shoulder press. Sessions will consist of a guided warm-up, technique demonstration and practice followed by a cool down and some mobility work. Come and join us. Get faster, get stronger, get better!


Where: ACLO Powerstation (station), Stationsplein 7, 9726 AE Groningen

When: Every Tuesday, 7pm to 9pm

What to bring: Sport clothing and shoes, towel, water bottle.


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Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

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