Powerkiting is serious business: the kite can generate a lot of power. It can pull you forward and even lift you up! Feel the power when you fly the kite through the powerzone. The kite drags you forward, even when you dig in your heels.

It’s the perfect base for kitesurfing, landboarding, kite  buggying and snowkiting.

During this course you’ll learn how to handle the kite, amongst others you’ll learn to

  • Attach the lines
  • Start and land the kite
  • Control the kite
  • Fly the kite and outside the powerzone
  • Keep it safe for yourself and your neighbours
  • Have a lot of fun

Some practical issues:

  • Wear long pants and sturdy shoes or sport shoes and bring along a jack, because it can be cold.
  • The couse is 2 x 1 hour, so be there 10 min. before starting time.
  • The course will be held at 7 knots to 22 knots (windfinder.com Groningen).
  • When it rains, the course will be canceled because of the danger.
  • If the course is cancelled due to too much or too little wind or rain, the course will be one week later up until the last week of the courseperiod. It could be that the course takes place the 1st and 2nd week, but it could also be the 1st and 5th time, etc. This will depend on the weather.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your student mail. The teacher will contact you about when the will and will not go on.
  • Location: at the crossroads of the Zernikelaan and the Pondematen ( 5 min by bike north of the ACLO )
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