A trampoline-shaped net, a small ball and four people. Roundnet is already known internationally, but is also gaining ground in the Netherlands. This dynamical 360 degrees rally game will undoubtedly conquer the harts of the students in Groningen! Curious? Apply for this five week during course of roundnet and learn all about the principles of this nice sport!

G.S.R.V. De Graancirkel

Blown over from abroad, the sport roundnet is rapidly gaining a lot of popularity in the Netherlands. Roundnet (also known as ‘Spikeball’) is a dynamic 360 degrees sport, where a trampoline-shaped net, a small ball and four people are the main ingredients. Expect high effort, digging up balls and long epic rallys when you join Groninger Studenten Roundnet Vereniging De Graancirkel! De Graancirkel is a brand new student association – the newest, and thus youngest, affiliated with the ACLO – and they want to carry out this relatively new sport to the students here in Groningen! By means of weekly training, tosses and tournaments they introduce the members to the sport and they will teach you all about hitting the hardest spikes, craziest serving techniques and smartest tricks to wipe your opponents off the field. Thereby, they want to create a close group of involved members who can play with each other casually, and of course join our activities and drinks.

Enthusiastic? Take a look at and check the Facebook page and Instagram page.

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