Snorkeling / scuba diving


During this course you will be introduced to all the basic principles of snorkeling. You will learn to swim with flippers, how to deal with diving goggles and snorkel and you’ll even get a chance to “buddy”. This is all in preparation for your exciting summer-holiday you’ll spend in the sea among exotic fish. During the last lesson some diving will take place with compressed-air bottles.

Material is available.

G.S.D.C. Ad Fundum

Have you ever wanted to find out more about the fascinating underwater world? Join Ad Fundum, the scuba diving club for students!

We offer fun diving weekends and holidays, and a host of other enjoyable activities! At Ad Fundum, diving lessons and further training are affordable because you get to use the club’s more expensive equipment.

G.B.D. Calamari

The Groningen Biologen Duikvereniging (“Groningen Biologists Diving club”) Calamari is a friendly diving club for students that focuses on life underwater. We regularly organize diving weekends in the Groningen area as well as in Zeeland. In addition, we offer scuba diving training and/or open swimming sessions twice a week. Afterwards, we often hit the pub!

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