Are you looking for a new challenge to tackle? A sport in which you get a full workout and train your entire body? Then survivalrun is what you are looking for! The course offered at the ACLO is mainly a introduction in the sport. Within the course running and obstacle runs are the central part. During the course you will learn what survivalrun includes and how you this is practiced in the Netherlands. You experience what kind of effect the sport has on you body and that survivalrun is the most challenging endurance sports of today. During the course mainly the basic techniques of rope climbing are covered to be able to pass most obstacles. At the end of the course you can pass obstacles that are in the short survivalrun. The course is given by Jesper Hommes.

For the exact location of the course, click here.

G.S.S.V Moddervet

GSSV Moddervet is a jung and dynamic sportsclub with potential and diversity in people. This creates an interesting and thight group which is bonded by enthusiasm for outdoor sports, giving everything you got and training together in a social environment. Why surivalrun? Because it is a great multidisciplinary sport in which you train your entire body to create strength and a good stamina

Don’t forget to take a look at the Facebookpage of G.S.S.V. Moddervet! Or take a look at the website¬†Survivalrun Groningen.


  • Survivalbaan
    De Bunders
    9747 Groningen achteraan op het Zernike-complex
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