it’s a real challenge to start with swimming, cycling and running. You need to get used to not only one sport, but three! In this course, you start with swimming and running, to get a big improvement in those two sports. The main focus is on learning the technique and to build up your condition. In 5 weeks, you’ll be able to swim 500m freestyle and run 5k. It’s possible to participate at the swim-run of Tritanium after the course (500m swimming and 5k running). After the course, it’s possible to start cycling and train to a real triathlon!

To join the course, you only need a pair of running shoes and a swimsuit.

This year this course will be given in period 3A. The swimming training will take place on Tuesdaynight at 19.00 in the WAS and the running practice will be given Wednesdaynight 19.00 at in the Stadspark at the running track.

G.S.T.V. Tritanium

Tritanium is the perfect combination between sports, sociability and beer. You have the possibility to train 5 times per week, but when that’s not enough, there are many nice drinks, activities, trainings weekends and matches to join. In short, it doesn’t matter if you are a recreational or a serious athlete, everybody can join Tritanium. Have a look around at our website www.tritanium.nl or our Facebook page!

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