Tap dance


Are you musical or would you like to become more musical?

Tap is a dance style where the focus is on making and hearing rhythms. Not only with the feet, but the whole body is used.

Tap is not comparable to other dance styles and your body will have to experience this for itself.

Watch the video to get an impression of tap.

Attention! During the autumn holiday, Christmas holiday, spring holiday and May holiday, Lucias Marthas will be closed and the course will not take place.

Lucia Marthas

Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts (LMIPA) educates teachers for theĀ fields of pop, show, urban, and musical. This field forms an important part of the temporary podiumarts and is in need of highly educated podium artists. LMIPA is an educational institution located in Amsterdam and Groningen.


  • Lucia Marthas
    Zernikeplein 7, zij-ingang A0 vleugel
    9747 AS Groningen
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