Open hour

After a climbing course you can use the climbing wall and the boulder wall at the Sports Centre Zernike at regular open hours guided by a professional teacher. You need to know how to belay (do the security) a climber safe, if you want to join in the open hours! During the open hours you can use the gear of the ACLO. There is no need for a sportpartner during the open hours.

For the climbing shoes you have to pay a €1,- rent by vouche. At the Sports Information Desk are Climbing vouchers for €10,- and €5,- for sale.


This beginners course draws much attention to safety. Learning how to “belay” your climbing partner, tying up knots and dealing with the material are the most important aspects of this course. Of course climbing-techniques will be sufficiently trained and developed as well. Because of the safety the course is 10 lessons. You literally have the life of your partner in your hands. The 10th lesson we are going to Bjoeks ( the biggest climbing hall in the Netherlands ) When you want to join this it will cost you € 6,- ( i.s.o. €11,-) At the end of the course you can do an exam to get a climbing license.

IMPORTANT: You need to attend the first two lessons to complete the course! If you miss one of these lessons, you cannot continue the course.

Lead climbing course (“voorklimmen”)

re you able to climb 5c and are you ready for your next climbing step? Sign up for the lead course.

In 4 intensive lessons you’ll learn:

  • Safely belaying a lead climber with different belay devices
  • Clipping correctly
  • Commands in lead climbing
  • Dealing with a lead fall
  • Dealing with rope
  • Judging the safety of a lead situation and acting accordingly

We expect you to be present every lesson, be on time and be able to climb 5c.

The course will be held at ACLO and Bjoeks. On the 2nd and 9th of june at ACLO from 20.00 to 22.30 and 11 and 18 june at Bjoeks  from 12.00 to 14.30. Entree fee of Bjoeks is not included in the course.

We hope to see you soon and climb on!

Free Reservation

In order to climb independently, you have to own a wall card by being a member of the GSAC (student alpine club). Before you go climbing you’ll have to place your wall card at the information desk of the Sports Centre.


The Groninger Studenten AlpenClub (GSAC) is an incredibly fun sports club devoted to different mountain sports. The GSAC organizes lots of climbing trainings, get-togethers and parties. Also for climbing, bouldering, mountaineering and winter sports abroad are we the right place for you. If this is something for you, please check out our website or drop by the ACLO climbing wall!

Are you interested in this sport? Take a look at the website of the Sports club GSAC.

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