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Bungee Super Fly


What is Bungee Super Fly?

Bungee Super Fly is a cardio training and a full body workout where you perform various exercises while floating in a Bungee harness! During this workout you jump and fly through the air and work on your core stability in a playful way.

Group lessons - beginners

In the beginners lessons you will learn the basics: how the Bungee works and how to use it safely. You will also learn the basic movements, such as squats, jumps, pushups and burpees. Fun, safety and discovery are paramount in the beginner lessons. If you have mastered all the basic movements and can guarantee safety for yourself (and others), you can progress to the advanced lessons. The teacher observes you during the lessons and lets you know when you are ready for the next step: the advanced lessons! 

Group lessons - advanced

In the advanced lessons you master the basic rules regarding safety and know all the basic movements. The pace in this lesson is faster and the lesson is more intensive! Sometimes you learn a choreography and sometimes the lesson is a combination of certain exercises such as lunges, burpees, squats, mountain climbers, etc. And what do you think of air planks, pirouettes, star jumps or doing a handstand? The fun factor is paramount and you will certainly sweat, but above all you will go home with a huge dose of energy!

Check schedules for exact times and locations of both classes. Register by logging in to the website or via the ACLO app. 



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