Christmas Indoor Sport Spectacle

On Wednesday the 19th of December the annual Christmas Indoor Sport Spectacle (KISS) will take place. Everyone can participate in the event free of charge, even non ACLO-members. On this day the ACLO Sports Center is completely transformed to a Christmas vibe! Come by to celebrate the end of this beautiful year! During this evening we have an amazing schedule for you to round off this sportive year.

Below you will find the full schedule including information about the enrollment.


Weightlifting and Powerlifting Competition (17.00 – 23.00)*

Northside Barbell will organize a weightlifting/powerlifting competition as usual. Like every year students will get the opportunity to test their strengths to find out who is the strongest student of Groningen.

The competition will be divided into different disciplines:

  • Olympic weightlifting, a technic and explosive sport which revolves around two exercises: The Clean&Jerk and the Snatch.
  • Powerlifting; a sport which focuses more on strength. Exercises such as squat, bench pressing and the deadlift are central.

Weigh-ins will be from 15.30 for all lifters. The weightlifting competition starts at 5 PM and the powerlifting competition starts at 6.15 PM. Both competitions are accessible for everyone. Participation is free for Northside Barbell-members, other participants pay a fee of €10. The award ceremony will take place at approximately 11.30 PM. You can enroll here. Don’t feel like lifting heavy weights? No problem! Make sure you are there to witness an impressive spectacle of strengths!

Squash, Courtsoccer & Rapidball (16.30 – 22.00)*

Have you always wanted to get acquainted with Squash? On 19 December, Squadraat will take you into the exploding squash world by having you try out 4 different varieties of squash, courtsoccer or rapidball. It is possible to play three-quarting, follow a squash course, play blacklight squash, or to play games, courtsoccer or rapidball. You can easily enroll here. You can register per time slot of 1 hour from 5 to 9 pm. You can enroll either alone or in a group.

Futsal Competition 4-4 (16.30 – 22.00)*

A futsal tournament will be organized by Drs. Vijfje and you can participate with a team of 4 people. You can sign up in teams or individually by sending an email to, stating your name (or names), telephone number, e-mail and team name (in case of a full team). You can choose the number of people in a team yourself, but it is recommended to make a team of 6 people. People who enroll individually will be placed in a mixteam by Drs. Vijfje.

Blacklight Volleyball (19.00 – 22.30)*

Have you always wanted to try on volleyball or are you already a volleyball player and would you like to experience what it’s like to only see the lines, the net and some shining faces? Then take this opportunity to participate in blacklight volleyball. People of all levels can participate with the aim to win, but above all, to have a laugh and gain a nice experience. You can sign up by sending an email with your team name, names of team members, and e-mail address to

* Enrollment required

Other cool activities:

Virtual Reality glasses (from 17.00 ) and E-sports (from 18.00)

After you went to apenkooien drop by Fairplay to relax. Fairplay will give you an immersive gaming experience though Virtual Reality where you will be thrown into another world. For the Nintendo lovers we will have the new Smash Ultimate waiting for you to play. As a finale, Fairplay will have party games for you and your friends to enjoy.

Blacklight Circuit XXL (17.00 – 18.00)

You might have heard of the challenging circuit courses at the ACLO Sports Center. A circuit double the size will be present during KISS in the HG hall and there will be 40 stations! Blacklight Circuit XXL will start at 5 PM, so come along with your friends to join this tremendous circuit!

Jumping Fitness XXL (17.00 – 18.45)*

During KISS there will be jumping fitness, but then extra extra large. The whole Struikhal will be filled with trampolines and a huge screen and three master instructors will give you this masterclass jumping fitness. You can ensure yourself a trampoline here. The hour from 18.00 – 18.45 is already sold out, so don’t wait any longer! First come first serve!

Christmas Spinning XXL (19.00 – 20.45)*

After Jumping Fitness XXL the Struikhal will quickly be turned into a hall full of spinning bikes where people can cycle for an hour. To raise the bar, the spinning class will be held with Christmas music and a gigantic screen will be present as well. –SOLD OUT–

Apenkooien (19.00 – 22.00)*

Thinking back to your youthful days, it was probably one of the favorite activities of gym class: apenkooien. During the Christmas Indoor Sport Spectacle you can revisit those old days again. There will be 3 blocks of half an hour. Enrollment is available here. First come first serve!

Poledance demos (from 18.00)

Have you always been curious how you would do as a poledancer? Do you want to see an amazing poledance demonstration during a night of already great activities? Do you want to win a small prize?
Come to KISS, where GSVP de NoordPole will host all of this and more! Walk in anytime to join our pole sitting contest: how long can you stay in? Write down your name to win a small but special prize! Are you not one to compete but are you still super dying to try it out? Just enjoy doing some spins with the help of our experienced volunteers! On top of that, our Demo-Team will give two demonstrations during the KISS: it will be a choreography of elegance and sportmanship that will definitely blow your mind!

20.00 Premiere of the new Demo-Team
20.10 Try-out: Open for everyone, don’t be shy!
21.00 Performance of the Demo-Team

* Enrollment required


Support the Make-A-Wish foundation! With the Christmas thought in mind, we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of €1 per person for KISS. The returns go entirely to the Make-A-Wish foundation, an organization that fulfills wishes of children with a life-threatening illness. When you hand in a euro you will also get a free glühwein sponsored by the Sportsbar. Don’t forget to bring a Euro in cash and fulfill the Christmas spirit together.

Special KISS buffet: multi-color stew buffet

During KISS the Sportsbar offers a special buffet: for €7.00 you can enjoy one of the following meals:

  • Stew of red cabbage and caramelized apples
  • Stewed spinach with feta
  • Stew of sweet potatoes with bacon

To top off your meal the following extra’s are available: hash, meatball, smoked sausage, piccalilly, mustard, silver onions, pickles


Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

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