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Sport of this week – Badminton

Playing badminton with AMOR
If you would like to play badminton at AMOR please join us starting on the 5th of September at 20h00, the day our new season starts. When you visit us on Tuesday report to a trainer or a board member and they will direct you to a group. Every year we have a lot of members that try badminton for the first time so you don’t have to worry about your level in any way. We don’t have any kind of obligations regarding competition so also no worries about that. You can come on Tuesdays 3 times without making any kind of payment or other commitment to AMOR and you don’t even have to bring a racket or shuttles because AMOR will have them ready for you! Apart from all this information about badminton AMOR also organises some other activities during the year.

Other activities with AMOR
Apart from your training and (optional) competition at AMOR you can also participate in a variety of other fun activities, for example: the monthly drink. We go to a café where the price of beer/soda/wine is fixed and low. But we also organize 2 camps, a beerpong tournament and much more fun stuff!

If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask a (board) member! And we hope to see you on Tuesday!

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